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GE Washers Getting A Trump Bump

The Trump administration announced higher tarrifs on washing machine imports a few days ago. Companies like Samsung & LG will be hit immediately but soon they will both be making product in the US anyway.  The biggest impact, though, could be with Haier (remember? the Chinese company that bought GE Appliances) causing them to do… nothing new.

Haier will be encouraged to keep GE production in the US and maintain had running when they first took over.  In fact, it’s been business as usual since the Haier purchase in June of 2016.  And now with their immediate price leverage, Haier could see washer sales spike by doing… nothing new.

Ultimately high tarrifs on imports cause all prices to raise (or stabilize) but this is the price of keeping jobs in America.

Sears to stop selling Whirlpool brand

The news hit today that Sears would stop selling Whirlpool branded products because they couldn’t be competitive with other brands.  My guess is that Whirlpool wouldn’t cut pricing enough for sears (or wouldn’t be lenient with payment terms).  At any rate, immediately after this announcement we got news from Sears that Whirlpool would still be making some Kenmore and Coldspot branded products (along with Frigidaire, GE, LG and Samsung).


Sears isn’t the only one having difficulty with Whirlpool pricing however… on the Whirlpool appliance parts side distributors are finding it increasingly hard to explain why parts with Whirlpool’s logo on the packaging cost so much more than aftermarket parts of similar quality. This also goes for Frigidaire, LG and Samsung.

The truth is, when you buy a Kenmore brand product, you can’t really be sure who made it! And, more and more, even when you do know who made it you can’t be sure where the parts for it came from!  We are finding some aftermarket replacement items come from the same factory in China as the oem and, even more, some generic parts are even built better while costing less!

So if the warranty is the same, as it is for every aftermarket part A-1 Appliance Parts sells, and the quality difference is negligible (if we run into quality issues with a generic item, we don’t continue to offer it- that’s just a headache for everyone), it only makes sense to pay less!

See if your parts are available in quality aftermarket versions like ERP, Supco, and Napco at A-1 Appliance Parts. A-1 generic appliance parts

Supco Universal Style R134A Refrigerator Compressor

Finally, an affordable multi-purpose replacement R134A refrigerator compressor kit!

Refrigerator Compressor

Supco SPC836L


SPC836L universal style R134A replacement refrigerator compressor from Supco. This compressor will work in most current applications where the refrigerator is 22 Cu Ft or smaller. 836 BTU

• R134A Compatable
• 1/4 hp
• R134a, 110/120V, 60 Hz
• Dual mounting points:
- 2 3/4” x 6 1/2”
- 4” x 6 1/2”
• 7 1/2” height
• Low back pressure
• Includes electricals, grommets & sleeves
• Relay Start Induction Run (PTC)
• Relay Start Induction Run (RSIR)

Click here for price and availability.

New Huntsville appliance parts location opening this week!

To help our customers in northwest Huntsville, we are opening a counter on Old Madison Pike (directly across 565 from the Space & Rocket Center).  We’ll have fast moving parts stocked there and we’ll bring parts from our main warehouse daily for fast service.

New location:  
A-1 Appliance Parts
6210 Old Madison Pike 
Suite C
Huntsville, AL 35806
(256) 585-2781


Drain Pump 137221600

Frigidaire (Electrolux) has changed old washer pump and motor number 137108100 to new part number 137221600. Why? Perhaps to throw the aftermarket off their trail?  Or maybe it was an excuse to raise the price?  I don’t know… but I do know that a replacement is available for less money! ERP’s ER137221600.

Exact Replacement Part 137221600

Exact Replacement Part 137221600

GE’s New Ice Maker Kit

The IM6 ice maker kit is making way for progress with new kit number IM6D… which basically means they left out one of the old plugs that always came with the IM6 kit.

If you still need the 4 pin adapter plug that used to come with the IM6, you’ll now have to order it separately as part # WR29X10049.

WR29X10049 Plug

WR29X10049 4 Pin Adapter Plug

Frigidaire IM115 is now IM116000

In their undying crusade to make life for consumers more difficult… we have another manufacturer part number change from Frigidaire / Electrolux (not sure what to call them lately).  The IM115 ice maker kit is now new number IM116000. We don’t know if there are any material changes but the price did go up a bit… surprise!

If you have already installed this ice maker kit and just need a replacement ice maker for it, here is the best option: ER5303918277

A picture of what came in the old IM115 ice maker kit

Top 16 Bake Elements (Part 2)

The next four elements in our sweet sixteen are from Frigidaire (now an Electrolux company). Frigidaire is still selling quite a few ranges in the US and they are mainly using an affordable element design.

We used to call this first element the Dolly Parton bake unit. I’m not sure why, but Frigidaire decided to angle the bends more so that name doesn’t make any sense (it’s more like the Madonna element now). Replacement for Bake element # 5303051519. The 1/4″ spades where the wires plug on the end of this element are bent upwards at a 90 degree angle.

Frigidiare Bake Element 5303051519

Frigidiare Bake Element 5303051519


The next element on our list looks very similar to the 5303051519 bake unit but the ends where the wires plug on are different. The replacement for the 316075104 bake element has 1/4″ spade ends that are vertical and go straight toward the back of the oven. This might not seem like a big difference but even a small change where the wires plug on can cause disaster. No part of the naked wire or element or terminal should ever touch any part of the oven body.

316075104 Frigidaire Element

316075104 Frigidaire Element


Our next bake element is an extra wide unit (19.75 inches wide) – replacement for bake element 318255006. This bake element also has 1/4″ terminals with a 90 degree bend up.

318255006 Bake Element

318255006 Bake Element


If you happen to have an older Frigidaire range (perhaps one made back in the old General Motors era) that is not quite wide enough to cook a super huge pizza, you might just be using our next element- coming in at just under 13 inches wide, the narrow replacement for 5309950887 bake element.

Frigidaire Bake Element 5309950887

Frigidaire Bake Element 5309950887

Our Top 16 Bake Elements (part 1)

As we enter the cooking season (November & December) we sometimes get requests for a list of our top selling bake elements. At some point, we narrowed the list down to 16. I think that had more to do with arraignment on a flyer than anything else, but it seems like a decent number so I’ll stick with it. Also, we didn’t actually put them in real order, we just pulled the top 16 and grouped them by manufacturer mostly. And so, without out further ado, here are the first 4 from our bake element best sellers series: heating it up with Whirlpool / Maytag!

Before it became fashionable for manufacturers to change their bake element design every three years, Whirlpool built a TON of ovens with lower element number 308180 or (replacement #) RP790. To this day, truth be told, we still have trouble keeping inventory on this lower oven element.

RP790 308180 Whirlpool Oven Element

RP790 308180 Whirlpool Oven Element


Whirlpool also had a standard bake element design for their more narrow ovens. This element was only 15 inches wide at its widest part and 18-1/2 inches from the front to the farthest point back where the oven wires plug on. The Whirlpool number for this bake element is 326791 or 4336509 and our replacement number is RP778.

Whirlpool 326791 RP778 Oven Element

Whirlpool 326791 RP778


Maytag, before being purchased by the Whirlpool company, also had some go-to bake element designs that they stuck with for a while. They used more of a wide, squarish design out of the same bendable material (calrod). The first design was last sold under part number 74003019 and our replacement element number RP7019.

74003019 RP7019 Maytag Oven Element

74003019 RP7019 Maytag Oven Element


Maytag’s other element looked identical (and, many times, they are interchangeable) but it is 1 inch shorter and a little more narrow. Our part number for it is RP5862.

Look for the next four popular oven elements from our sweet sixteen to come later.

279838C Wire Re-String Kit For Whirlpool Dryer Elements

Times are tight. I was told that the recession ended a few years ago but, from where I’m sitting, nothing has changed. And, at least in the short term, there doesn’t seem to be much hope for a lavish future. We’re having to cut corners and save money everywhere we can! Which brings me to the dryer element re-string kit for Whirlpool’s 279838.

The generic version for this dryer element has always been popular with our customers. It is sturdy and dependable- virtually identical to the original replacement from Whirlpool. It also represented enough savings to justify the extra money for the full element and housing. A new trend has been emerging over the past two years though- more customers are opting for the trouble of re-stringing their old elements to save an extra ten dollars or so.

Below is a picture of the dryer restring kit for Whirlpool’s 279838 element.

279838C restring kit


To install this wire restring kit, some labor is involved. Those with experience at this kind of know how far to stretch the element wire before running it through the insulators. Someone who was doing this for the first time might need to run a string through the element frame to figure out how much to stretch the replacement wire before installing (it’s important to pre-stretch the wire so there is an equal amount of distance between the coils once installed).

If insulators are damaged, a simple coil replacement may not work for you.

There is also an element coil restring kit available for Whirlpools 3387747 dryer element.

Times are tight. Save money where you can!