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Archive for January 11, 2008

GE Water Filter Pitcher GXPL03H Review

I’m starting to think that this decade will be known for two things: skyrocketing oil prices and filtered water! Seriously, everywhere I turn I see new ways to purify drinking water.

GXPL03D GE water filter pitcherOur latest product is a water filtering pitcher from GE. I think it’s a great idea and if you do the math (you get 40 gallons of¬†purified water per filter) it’s a lot less expensive than buying bottled water. It’s also portable! I’m going to get one for my office at work. Drinking the tap water here creeps me out so I end up donating two dollars a day to Dasani… why not filter the water myself?

Here are the specs: GE’s two-stage dual action pitcher¬†filtration reduces 98% lead, 90% mercury, 99% copper & zinc, 96% chlorine (taste & odor), 98% particulates and sediment.

I’m filling my first pitcher now (actually it only fills half way with filtered water- the top half slowly makes it’s way through the filter in the center). It looks like it will take just under ten minutes to fully filter through a couple of quarts of water.

OK, the pitcher’s full and we’re taste testing. After the first test the water was noticeably better (it got rid of all the chlorine/metal taste our tap water has here). We could taste a slight charcoal flavor that came from the filter itself- you should probably run some water through it first but we were too impatient! Our second pitcher had no charcoal or plastic flavor- just clean water with no aftertaste. Perfect. And since I’m the one in charge of testing I get to keep the pitcher in my office. Sweet! Great idea GE! Now I’m gonna go have a glass of water.

Here’s a link to the GXPL03H water filter pitcher and here’s a link to the replacement filter cartridge for it: FXPL3D. I kind of thought the filters were priced too high until I realized that this is a pack of 3 filters- not just 1.

***Update*** January 10, 2013. It has been almost exactly 5 years since I opened that pitcher up “just for testing” and guess what- we’re still using it every day! We don’t change out the filters as often as we should but they still seem to work fine. This has been a truly awesome product!