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Archive for April 18, 2011

Water Filter replacement for WF401S & 12527304

This Aquafresh WF292 Refrigerator Water Filter replaces the Amana Clean n Clear Filter 12527304, in addition to the Maytag, Kenmore and Amana filters listed at the bottom of this page. This compatible Amana water filter meets or exceeds the standards of the Amana Clean n Clear water filter it replaces and has been 100% pressure tested in the original refrigerator filter receivers to ensure compatibility. Now you can have clean and clear water without the Clean n Clear price. Enjoy healthy, delicious drinking water filtered from your Kenmore, Maytag and Amana refrigerator — and do so for less than the price of the namebrand water filters for Amana refrigerators. This compatible Amana water filter should be replaced every six months for best results.


The Aquafresh WF292 removes the following contaminants: Lead at pH 6.5: 99.3% Lead at pH 8.5: 99.9% Mercury at pH 6.5: 94.5% Mercury at pH 8.5: 96.6% Asbestos: 99.92% Benzene: 89.6% P-Dichlorobenze: 99.9% Cysts: 99.99% Chlorine: 97.00% Turbidity: 99.10%

This filter replaces the following Amana, Maytag, and Sears Coldspot manufacturer part numbers: 12527304, WF401, WF30, WF40, WF401P, WF401S, WF401T, 12319801, 12388401, 12388403, 12388404, 12388405, 12388406,12388407, 12388409, 12388410, 12527301, 12527302, 12527303, 12527307, 12527308, 12527309, 12589203, 12589206, 12527504,67003634, R0130021, R0130022, 46-9014, 9014, 9014P, 469014, 0469014000, 46-9904, 9904, 9904P, 469904, 0469904000.

Fits Models: ARS2364AB (BOM: PARS2364AB0)ARS2364AC (BOM: PARS2364AC0)ARS2364AW (BOM: PARS2364AW0) ,ARS2365AB (BOM: PARS2365AB0)ARS2365AC (BOM: PARS2365AC0)ARS2365AW (BOM: PARS2365AW0) ,ARS2366AB (BOM: PARS2366AB0)ARS2366AC (BOM: PARS2366AC0)ARS2366AW (BOM: PARS2366AW0) ,ARS2367AB (BOM: PARS2367AB0)ARS2367AC (BOM: PARS2367AC0)ARS2367AS (BOM: PARS2367AS0)ARS2367AW (BOM: PARS2367AW0)ARS2664AB (BOM: PARS2664AB0) ,ARS2664AC (BOM: PARS2664AC0)ARS2664AW (BOM: PARS2664AW0)ARS2665AB (BOM: PARS2665AB0)ARS2665AC (BOM: PARS2665AC0)ARS2665AW (BOM: PARS2665AW0) ,ARS2666AB (BOM: PARS2666AB0)ARS2666AC (BOM: PARS2666AC0)ARS2666AW (BOM: PARS2666AW0) ,ARS2667AB (BOM: PARS2667AB0)ARS2667AC (BOM: PARS2667AC0)ARS2667AS (BOM: PARS2667AS0)ARS2667AW (BOM: PARS2667AW0)ARS9167AB (BOM: PARS9167AB0) ,ARS9167AC (BOM: PARS9167AC0)ARS9167AS (BOM: PARS9167AS0)ARS9167AW (BOM: PARS9167AW0) ,ARS9168AB (BOM: PARS9168AB0)ARS9168AC (BOM: PARS9168AC0)ARS9168AS (BOM: PARS9168AS0)ARS9168AW (BOM: PARS9168AW0)ARS9169AS (BOM: PARS9169AS0) ,DRS2362AC (BOM: PDRS2362AC0)DRS2362AW (BOM: PDRS2362AW0)DRS2662AC (BOM: PDRS2662AC0) ,DRS2662AW (BOM: PDRS2662AW0)SBD21VE (BOM: P1315502W E)SBD21VL (BOM: P1315502W L)SBD21VPE (BOM: P1315503W E)SBD21VPSE (BOM: P1315504W E)SBD21VW (BOM: P1315502W W) ,SBDE21VPE (BOM: P1317201W E)SBDE21VPSE (BOM: P1317202W E)SPD26VL (BOM: P1315210W L)SPD26VW (BOM: P1315210W W)SRD21VE (BOM: P1315501W E) ,SRD21VL (BOM: P1315501W L)SRD21VW (BOM: P1315501W W)SRD23VE (BOM: P1315306W E)SRD23VL (BOM: P1315306W L)SRD23VPE (BOM: P1315307W E)SRD23VPSE (BOM: P1315308W E)SRD23VW (BOM: P1315306W W) ,SRD26VE (BOM: P1315201W E)SRD26VL (BOM: P1315201W L)SRD26VPE (BOM: P1315204W E)SRD26VPSE (BOM: P1315205W E)SRD26VW (BOM: P1315201W W)SXD23VE (BOM: P1315301W E)SXD23VL (BOM: P1315301W L) ,SXD23VW (BOM: P1315301W W)SXD26VE (BOM: P1315202W E)SXD26VL (BOM: P1315202W L)SXD26VW (BOM: P1315202W W)SZD23VE (BOM: P1315309W E)SZD23VL (BOM: P1315309W L)SZD23VW (BOM: P1315309W W) ,SZD26VE (BOM: P1315207W E)SZD26VL (BOM: P1315207W L)SZD26VW (BOM: P1315207W W)