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Archive for April 26, 2013

A GE Refrigerator With a HOT Water Dispenser?

Yes, you read right! GE is introducing the first refrigerator with a HOT water dispenser on the front (right beside the normal cold water dispenser).

Have you ever wished your hot water was both filtered and instant? Now, instead of getting water from the cold dispenser and heating it in the microwave, you can skip that step while saving energy and time. It’s a great idea!

GE Refrigerator

No More Waiting for Water to Boil GE’s in-the-door hot water dispenser makes it easy for you to pour hot, filtered water in minutes. With four pre-programmed settings for the most common food and drinks, hot water is dispensed at a perfectly accurate temperature every time.

Safe and Simple to Use Simply select your temperature setting, then use the knob to dispense up to 10 ounces of perfectly heated water. Plus, water is purified through the only refrigeration filter tested and verified to remove 98% of five trace pharmaceuticals from water and ice, offering added peace of mind for your family.

This refrigerator features the following preset temperatures:
Soup: 185 degrees F
Tea: 170 degrees F
Hot Cocoa: 150 degrees F
Warm: 90 degrees F

We’re glad to see General Electric once again leading the way for innovation. As a distributor for GE refrigerator parts, this helps our spot in the supply chain as well.

One of the new models with this feature is model # CFE29TSDSS.

Search Online for Whirlpool Appliance Parts

The age old English saying “penny wise, pound foolish” holds a valid ground whenever one thinks of buying cheap products, like fake spares for their appliances. Are wondering why? Well, the answer is pretty simple; buying counterfeit spare parts for replacing faulty parts of any Whirlpool appliance will only adversely affect the functioning of the appliance. And thus, you will have to spend a lot more for getting extensive appliance repair jobs done. Therefore, don’t get fooled by cheap quality appliance parts and always invest in authentic Whirlpool appliance parts. Home appliances manufactured by the leading brands such as Whirlpool, GE, Kenmore, Maytag, are usually expensive and so an average person cannot afford to purchase these every now and then.

But sooner or later, some or the other part of these home appliances will malfunction and then, the first thing that comes to the mind of any general appliance owners is to find a way out to deal with the problem. Searching and installing a suitable authentic component in place of the malfunctioned part, can help the appliance owner to rectify the breakdown. Today, appliance owners can easily get genuine appliance parts for their ailing electronic gadgets online. They can order these parts online can mend their out of order refrigerators, dishwashers, washers, etc. Handling minor repairs on their own, allows the appliance owners to save a lot of money, effort and time. Moreover shopping for these spares online also has numerous benefits.

The first and foremost benefit of buying these products from a reputed website is that, you don’t have to hop from one store to another in search of the require part. Shopping online for original Whirlpool spares saves you all the unnecessary hassles as it less time consuming, not at all tedious, absolutely safe, extremely quick, enormously easy and above it is very pocket friendly too! All possible spare parts, that one might need for appliance repairs are readily available along with detailed information about its pricing as well as dimensions. Leading websites offer you manufacturer certified items, so authenticity of the spares is nothing to worry about. All you need to ensure is that the website you plan to buy the needed spare part is not fraud!

Timely Replacing Faulty Refrigerator Door Gasket Is Necessary

The role of refrigerators is an imperative one in modern times. An efficient fridge must have a good storage capacity. It must comprise of a freezer that can store meat, fish and other items used for consumption. It helps to preserve food for a long time and keeps them fresh. It must have a regular cooling capacity of 41degree Fahrenheit. This is a suitable temperature for preserving leftover food life bread, vegetables, and other eatables in house. The good ones are always designed well and are close to nature. They produce lesser amount of chlorofluorocarbons. This helps in saving the ozone layer from getting depleted.

The older models produce higher amount of chlorofluorocarbon that is harmful for the environment. But in recent times, the ones that are created and manufactured are environment friendly. But since they are mere electronic machineries, designed to lessen our workloads, they too face a number of tribulations at some point of time. Many a times you may have a faulty refrigerator door gasket. This indicates that you no longer have an airtight seal. It is better to check the rubber that may be worn out. You need to replace this spare part as soon as possible. Call for a professional help if required. They are experienced and can help you to fix the spare parts efficiently.

Repairing or replacing your faulty appliance parts at an appropriate time helps you to save money as well as maintain the heath of your appliance for a long time. Get a gasket that is exactly fits the gasket that your refrigerator had earlier. Also opt for branded spare parts rather than having local or duplicate parts offered at cheaper price. If you are not heading for a professional help then follow accurate guidelines that are necessary in replacing the old gasket.

Timely maintenance and proper care can add on to the life of your electronic gadgets. They also prevent the cost repairs. For a fridge you must try and clean the condenser coils. The drain system should also be cleaned properly. Replace parts that are necessary. This is essential and must be done timely.


Fixing A Washer Drain Pump In A Washing Machine

Electronic appliances have made life simple and effortless in recent times. Manual labor has been overtaken by machineries. Machines make work simpler and offer effective results. Electronic home appliances such as toasters, washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, micro ovens etc contribute in a number of ways to make life simpler. They get things done in an allotted time. Taking the example of washing machines, they are machines that help in cleaning clothes. They help in removing stains and tars from clothes and offer a fresh as well as clean look to the clothes. This specific machine has a number of spare parts that help in proper functioning of this electronic gadget.

Each spare part plays a vital role that helps in proper execution of the electronic gadgets. For example, let’s talk about the washer drain pump in a washing machine. In most of the cases this part is located at the bottom of the washing machines just in front of the doors. This drain pump usually comprises of a metal pulley. There are a number of things that add to the inefficiency of the drain pump. Things like toothpick, pins, wires, plastics, sheets etc often get stuck in the pump and produce disturbances.

These things get stuck resulting in faulty functioning of the pump. The impeller tends to split from its shaft causing disturbances and interruptions. This needs to be fixed properly to ensure in proper pump functioning. The reason for this is that when certain junk things get stuck in the pump the impeller faces a number of tribulations that results in breakage of the impeller from the shaft. This can be cleaned or can be replaced in an easy way.  You need to follow certain steps.  Remove the bottom front panel of the pump by loosening or removing the screws that are attached. Then pull the drain pump.

Get a bowl to keep the water from the drain pump. Drain out all water and clean the pump completely by disconnecting it from the shaft. Remove all the clogged items from it. Then fix it again. Take care that the impeller is properly fixed and moves freely. If still problems persist then it is better to take a professional or expert help.

Authentic Whirlpool Appliance Parts are Available Online

We as humans pay a lot of attention to things that are around us, like we usually give quality of our goods a paramount importance. Therefore, whenever we shop for clothes or eatables, we always like to cross check the brand of the product we choose for ourselves. But do we all always buy quality appliance spare parts for our gadgets? Many times people don’t either pay much attention while shopping for spares, or want to buy cheap and spurious spares only to save some money. Little do these people know that buying fake spare parts for fixing the defects of their appliances will cause severe problems in the normal functioning of their gadgets!

In case you have Whirlpool appliances at home, but some these require a little bit of repair, then, you must only opt for superior quality Whirlpool appliance parts. Using counterfeit spare parts can seriously shorten the normal average life of your whirlpool appliance and thus you will end to spending a lot more money either on its repairs or buying a new appliance. So, instead of settling down for duplicate spare parts, or visiting the market physically to procure genuine appliance parts, thankfully, today, one can easily buy authentic appliance spare parts online.

The leading online retail OEM websites offer the consumers with a large array of authentic and genuine appliance spares. These web stores are hugely popular and enjoy a terrific consumer reviews because these run with extraordinary professionalism. The top notch web based stores have superb shipping network and hence they can deliver goods at your doorsteps and that too, within a matter of just a few working days! Since, the overheads of these web based stores is far lesser than any offline store, so they offer you dependable quality spares at most amazing rates.

Another truly praiseworthy thing about these websites is that, you can shop for genuine quality spare parts of the appliances of almost all the leading brands in the market and that too at your convenient time as these websites are open all round the year, 24/7. So without a delay, place your order today, on a reputed online OEM store, and get best value for your hard earned money!

Order Maytag Appliance Parts Online

Refrigerators, washing machines, ice makers, dish washers, etc, are some of the most commonly used electrical appliances in all the modern households. Most of the leading brands of electronic appliances give a warranty on their products. This basically is an assurance about the quality of the appliance that is given to the consumer by the manufacturer of the product. But as nothing lasts forever, so our appliances too break down over a period of time. This can happen either due to improper handling, poor maintenance or over the course of time. On most occasions, minor defects in the Maytag appliance can be repaired easily and so you can save a lot of money.

By just changing the worn out parts of the appliance with authentic Maytag appliance parts, your appliances will start to function perfectly as if nothing was ever wrong with it. You must learn practical skills of maintaining your home appliances as this will help you greatly in repairing as well as re-assembling your home appliances on your own and thus saving huge chunk of money on hiring qualified technician for the job. To make things a lot easier for modern consumer, today, Maytag appliance spares are readily available online as well, so you just no longer have to drive to your nearest supplier of Maytag spares!

You can conveniently shop for the required spare parts online and also avail discounted prices at the same time! While shopping for any such product online you must keep a few things in mind. For instance, there are several websites that sell these products, but in order to get a fair deal; you must only opt for reputable online suppliers. To make things more organized and easy, it is also greatly advisable to keep a list of all the reliable online suppliers ready. Comparing and reviewing the available offers on all selected websites before making a purchase is also a must for you. Once you have selected the website that offers the best value for your money, you must carefully place your order online. Within just a few days, the ordered spare parts will be delivered at your given address, so that you can fix your appliances within just no time!