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Archive for Appliance part

GE Refrigerator Fan Motor Madness

GE had a DC motor that moved air in the fresh food section of the refrigerator and it turned into a problem… The original motor numbers were WR60X26866 and WR60X26033.  These little motors looked just like computer fans and to replace them, GE was subbing to a kit that included new software for the board (kit WR49X25197).  This was a complicated procedure for some customers and it brought about some frustration.


We were able to get our hands on some original WR60X26866 motors. These plug right in and don’t require any software update.  They are also less expensive than the kit.

But the subbing doesn’t end there.  Now GE has a motor they say will replace all these other motors (including the kit) and it’s plug & play.  New motor WR60X29099 is all you will need to get that refrigerator air moving and keep everything fresh.

Is this the end of the subbing?  Where did the mysterious software update go and what did it do? I’m not sure.  But I do know the WR60X29099 is more reasonably priced than some of the previous solutions so that’s good.

Frigidaire pushes 316075104 bake elements from Amazon

Frigidaire (owned by the Swedish company Electrolux) recently strong-armed her distributors into pulling the parts back from Amazon which is, I’m sure, an attempt to control pricing. One big example of this is the popular bake element 316075104 which has been selling for much less than Electrolux’s published retail price of $41.35 (as of 4/11/18).

To add further confusion, there are multiple listings of this element and replacements for this element for sale from a wide variety of companies. We sell a generic replacement for the 316075104 there (only when clearly marked as an aftermarket replacement element… with the same calrod quality as the original element btw) and Frigidaire has even demanded that those listings be taken down.  I would want them down too if I were them!  It seems this is one bully trying to throw it’s weight against completely different companies!

Hey Frigidaire & Whirlpool – don’t bully!!

The aftermarket parts industry for Whirlpool, Maytag, Frigidaire, Electrolux, Samsung, and LG replacement parts is an important source of competition that people can rely on to keep these particular manufacturers from over-inflating part prices. In fact, there is a growing list of parts that Whirlpool/Maytag has made obsolete that have been picked up by companies like ERP.

The effects of a company like Whirlpool controlling the market can be seen in their replacement oven controls.  If you have to replace an electronic oven control (main oven control board), get ready to sit down because many of them now cost between $300 and $600 depending on your model. They also include a $60 core charge – which we believe Whirlpool enforces to keep those old controls out of the hands of companies like CoreCentric who would re-manufacture them and offer them back to the market at a much lower price.  Core charges are another way to try controlling prices for parts in the market place. Of course, Whirlpool will claim they collect cores for other reasons but it is odd that prices started sky rocketing just before the core collection program went in force.  We still have a few re-manufactured electronic controls but they are getting harder and harder to find now. Shocker.

GE Washers Getting A Trump Bump

The Trump administration announced higher tarrifs on washing machine imports a few days ago. Companies like Samsung & LG will be hit immediately but soon they will both be making product in the US anyway.  The biggest impact, though, could be with Haier (remember? the Chinese company that bought GE Appliances) causing them to do… nothing new.

Haier will be encouraged to keep GE production in the US and maintain had running when they first took over.  In fact, it’s been business as usual since the Haier purchase in June of 2016.  And now with their immediate price leverage, Haier could see washer sales spike by doing… nothing new.

Ultimately high tarrifs on imports cause all prices to raise (or stabilize) but this is the price of keeping jobs in America.

Sears to stop selling Whirlpool brand

The news hit today that Sears would stop selling Whirlpool branded products because they couldn’t be competitive with other brands.  My guess is that Whirlpool wouldn’t cut pricing enough for sears (or wouldn’t be lenient with payment terms).  At any rate, immediately after this announcement we got news from Sears that Whirlpool would still be making some Kenmore and Coldspot branded products (along with Frigidaire, GE, LG and Samsung).


Sears isn’t the only one having difficulty with Whirlpool pricing however… on the Whirlpool appliance parts side distributors are finding it increasingly hard to explain why parts with Whirlpool’s logo on the packaging cost so much more than aftermarket parts of similar quality. This also goes for Frigidaire, LG and Samsung.

The truth is, when you buy a Kenmore brand product, you can’t really be sure who made it! And, more and more, even when you do know who made it you can’t be sure where the parts for it came from!  We are finding some aftermarket replacement items come from the same factory in China as the oem and, even more, some generic parts are even built better while costing less!

So if the warranty is the same, as it is for every aftermarket part A-1 Appliance Parts sells, and the quality difference is negligible (if we run into quality issues with a generic item, we don’t continue to offer it- that’s just a headache for everyone), it only makes sense to pay less!

See if your parts are available in quality aftermarket versions like ERP, Supco, and Napco at A-1 Appliance Parts. A-1 generic appliance parts

Drain Pump 137221600

Frigidaire (Electrolux) has changed old washer pump and motor number 137108100 to new part number 137221600. Why? Perhaps to throw the aftermarket off their trail?  Or maybe it was an excuse to raise the price?  I don’t know… but I do know that a replacement is available for less money! ERP’s ER137221600.

Exact Replacement Part 137221600

Exact Replacement Part 137221600

279838C Wire Re-String Kit For Whirlpool Dryer Elements

Times are tight. I was told that the recession ended a few years ago but, from where I’m sitting, nothing has changed. And, at least in the short term, there doesn’t seem to be much hope for a lavish future. We’re having to cut corners and save money everywhere we can! Which brings me to the dryer element re-string kit for Whirlpool’s 279838.

The generic version for this dryer element has always been popular with our customers. It is sturdy and dependable- virtually identical to the original replacement from Whirlpool. It also represented enough savings to justify the extra money for the full element and housing. A new trend has been emerging over the past two years though- more customers are opting for the trouble of re-stringing their old elements to save an extra ten dollars or so.

Below is a picture of the dryer restring kit for Whirlpool’s 279838 element.

279838C restring kit


To install this wire restring kit, some labor is involved. Those with experience at this kind of know how far to stretch the element wire before running it through the insulators. Someone who was doing this for the first time might need to run a string through the element frame to figure out how much to stretch the replacement wire before installing (it’s important to pre-stretch the wire so there is an equal amount of distance between the coils once installed).

If insulators are damaged, a simple coil replacement may not work for you.

There is also an element coil restring kit available for Whirlpools 3387747 dryer element.

Times are tight. Save money where you can!

GE Zoneline Parts and PDF’s

We’re adding better descriptions and links to pdf files (installation instructions, specifications, use & care manuals, etc.) to many of our listings. To see some examples, visit our GE heat pump Zoneline page.


To see parts breakdowns, just enter the model number on our main appliance parts page.


5 Top Qualities Of GE Appliance Parts

General Electric is a massive name in the industry for many long decades. The reputation of the company is so established that the very pronunciation of the word appliances has become synonymous with GE. Today, almost every household all over the world has some thing ‘GE’ or, the other. be it simple light bulbs or, complex HVACs, there is nothing that is outside the purview of this manufacturing company which has in fact, developed a personality of its own with all the qualities that it has incorporated it appliances with.GE Appliance Parts

High Quality Latest Technology: To begin with, GE has always been using the latest and the most innovative technologies in making their appliances. The highly qualified research and development team of the company is constantly up and about inventing new and more functional technologies that lend an edge to the appliances that are introduced and reintroduced every year. This is perhaps, one of the reasons why owners can see their GE appliances becoming smaller and less cumbersome, yet supreme in their performance with time. Superior technology ensures extracting the most out of the least, which is well reflected in the compactness of the components which deliver astonishing outputs.

Remarkable Sturdiness and Durability: GE appliance parts are recognized for the aspect of sturdiness and durability. This is to say that these appliances can ensure the excesses of everyday use much more that any others in the market. This is one of the main reasons why, GE appliances last longer than its expected date of expiry. While exertion of deliberate damages like dropping it on hard floor while moving or, shifting residence, exposing it to fire etc can kill the appliance beyond repair, but, under circumstances like ordinary misuse or, over use, these devices can withstand the harshest of abuses.

Calls of Lesser Maintenance: Most owners have agreed to the fact that GE appliance parts do not call for as much maintenance as any other components do. This is to say that the components are so designed and manufactured that they are meant to undertake more work for longer before showing signs of maintenance check. This however, does not in any way mean that owners can take it easy and neglect maintenance till the time the appliance collapses.

Saves Power Bills Immensely: GE appliance parts save power bills and there is no doubt about this truth. Superior and greener technology used to manufacture the appliances ensure maximum effectiveness and performance in minimum consumption of energy. Even appliances like refrigerators, air conditioners etc which are otherwise known for high power consumption which again adds to the electricity bills at the end of the month, have become more easily approachable and usable by owners.

Cost Effective in All Ways: While it is true that GE appliances cannot availed at dirt cheap rates, the cause behind their prices is well justified. Considering all the points mentioned above, it is only obvious that the appliances are highly cost effective and ensure massive saving in the long run.

It Doesn’t Take A Long Way To Reach Multi-Brand Genre

New age shoppers are changing the game of online shopping, by demanding a common platform that connects directly with their preferred brands and manufacturers. This facility saves the labor of visiting the official sites of the gadget makers on separate occasions. Instead, the buyer just needs to click upon the respective tabs while searching for desired domestic and commercial appliances products and models on sale. But with A1 Appliances, the leading source of in-house devices, registered users can enjoy further advantages. Just consider your advantage, when you are getting the appliance models from the big shots like Whirlpool, Kenmore, GE, Kelvinator, Maytag, Admiral, Hotspot, Scotsman, Roper and many more along with the authentic machinery components, all from the same source.

You are offered the expert consultations here as well, conducted by the certified experts representing appliance manufacturing companies that are registered with A1 Appliance. But the biggest advantage lies in the pocket friendly deal that you are offered from this online appliance shopping entity. Being the authorized dealer of these global organizations, you can expect this web source to offer certain price benefits for its registered users. Most of the items displayed here come with a handsome discount, thereby enabling the shoppers to enjoy an economic shopping. It goes without saying that this facility applies to replacement parts, second hand models as well.