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Archive for Dryer Heating Element

279838C Wire Re-String Kit For Whirlpool Dryer Elements

Times are tight. I was told that the recession ended a few years ago but, from where I’m sitting, nothing has changed. And, at least in the short term, there doesn’t seem to be much hope for a lavish future. We’re having to cut corners and save money everywhere we can! Which brings me to the dryer element re-string kit for Whirlpool’s 279838.

The generic version for this dryer element has always been popular with our customers. It is sturdy and dependable- virtually identical to the original replacement from Whirlpool. It also represented enough savings to justify the extra money for the full element and housing. A new trend has been emerging over the past two years though- more customers are opting for the trouble of re-stringing their old elements to save an extra ten dollars or so.

Below is a picture of the dryer restring kit for Whirlpool’s 279838 element.

279838C restring kit


To install this wire restring kit, some labor is involved. Those with experience at this kind of know how far to stretch the element wire before running it through the insulators. Someone who was doing this for the first time might need to run a string through the element frame to figure out how much to stretch the replacement wire before installing (it’s important to pre-stretch the wire so there is an equal amount of distance between the coils once installed).

If insulators are damaged, a simple coil replacement may not work for you.

There is also an element coil restring kit available for Whirlpools 3387747 dryer element.

Times are tight. Save money where you can!

Finding & Replacing The Dryer Heating Element

Washing clothes is not an easy process, however drying them during winters and rainy season can be even more difficult. Dryers are the perfect appliance to get your cloths dry in no time. All you need to do is put the washed cloths in them and get the cloths dried in no time. There are plenty of companies that make dryer, while some companies have dryer along with the washing machine others make it as a separate appliance. Dryer are perfect for commercial use where there are more cloths to dry.

Just like any other appliance after a while the parts may need servicing and if any part gets damaged then it will have to be replaced to retain the normal functioning. The one part that has the highest probability of malfunctioning is the dryer heating element. This part is responsible for the heating and drying action in the heater. However, if this part gets damaged then the dryer will be of no use.

When it comes to replacing the part it is important to buy the original part as low quality ones can ruin the dryer.  Thus you should only buy good quality original parts. If the dryer has a warranty period then the company they will replace the damaged part. However if the warranty period is not there then you will have to get the part from some other store.

When it comes to buying the part you can get it from the local stores that sell them. However if you want good quality parts then it’s bet to check out the online stores that sells good quality dryer parts. They keep parts from all the leading brands. Thus all you need to do is check out the cataloger, select the one that suits your dryer and order it and they will deliver it to you.

As for the price it depends upon the part you buy and the brand you choose.  When it comes to fitting, it’s best to seek professional help as they know more about the dryer. If you want you can try to fix it all by yourself.