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Tag Archive for appliance parts

New Huntsville appliance parts location opening this week!

To help our customers in northwest Huntsville, we are opening a counter on Old Madison Pike (directly across 565 from the Space & Rocket Center).  We’ll have fast moving parts stocked there and we’ll bring parts from our main warehouse daily for fast service.

New location:  
A-1 Appliance Parts
6210 Old Madison Pike 
Suite C
Huntsville, AL 35806
(256) 585-2781


Time To Grab Genuine And Branded Appliance Parts

Are you facing troubles with your old domestic gadgets? Well, the reason for it could be the old and weary spare parts that are fixed to it. With passing time and regular usage the devices are prone to wear and tear. If you desire to get renowned spare pieces for your domestic appliances then you can simply log on to the internet. There are a number of online OEM outlets that offer genuine and affordable pieces. No need to replace your entire machine, just because of some parts that are not functioning properly.

From refrigerator door gaskets to additional dryer pieces of washing machines, one can get all under one roof. All one needs to do is enter product name of the supplementary part that he/she is searching for and then enter the model number of the concerned additional piece. On entering these details one can easily get hold of the additional component that he/she is looking for. You can order for these products online. Fixing these supplementary parts is easy. One may follow the guidelines that are provided in form of a booklet with the spare pieces. In case one is not sure about how to get it fixed, he/she may also call for an expert help.

So now you can shop for your desired gadget parts at discounted rates using the internet. No need to spend huge money on buying a new appliance. Just buy the right branded parts and save your valuable bucks.

Do You Have The Right Appliance Parts

While labor saving devices make our work easier they also help to save a lot of time. Apparently this is the reason why the consumers today day are so conscious about the quality of home appliances they purchase form the market.  Malfunctioning appliances or sudden breakdowns are a common problem in every household. Therefore, the markets are now buzzing with sellers who are ready to provide high quality parts for your appliances to make sure your life goes smooth.

The mushrooming of several dealers of home appliance parts have made it possible for users to find high quality parts for their appliances by just mentioning the appliance model number , parts number and description of the part. These companies have an incredible range of products for their customers. They supply parts for microwave, Dryers, washers, water filters, refrigerators, Icemaker dishwasher and many more. Do not worry about the brands since they stock in supplies for all kinds of brands to maintain customer satisfaction. Also, all of these parts come with warranty from the manufacturer ensuring that you will not be supplied defective parts. Some of these companies also offer self-repair tools which help the user to repair it in his home itself without much trouble. To ensure that the customer does not face any trouble while repairing his appliance, the experts working in these companies guide the user thoroughly with videos and other written instructions. The customer support for these companies can be availed at any time.

If you are wondering how you would get in touch with these suppliers and solve the problem of that broken refrigerator or that lousy freezer door handle? Visit their websites online. Most of these sellers have had a popular online presence and you can order your parts at just a click. All you have to do is submit the details of appliance. Customers are finding it very convenient to communicate with the suppliers directly via ‘Live Chat’ options and videos that give instructions on how to repair appliances at home.

With these suppliers round the corner you would never have a reason to grief for your malfunctioning appliance parts.


Order Maytag Appliance Parts Online

Refrigerators, washing machines, ice makers, dish washers, etc, are some of the most commonly used electrical appliances in all the modern households. Most of the leading brands of electronic appliances give a warranty on their products. This basically is an assurance about the quality of the appliance that is given to the consumer by the manufacturer of the product. But as nothing lasts forever, so our appliances too break down over a period of time. This can happen either due to improper handling, poor maintenance or over the course of time. On most occasions, minor defects in the Maytag appliance can be repaired easily and so you can save a lot of money.

By just changing the worn out parts of the appliance with authentic Maytag appliance parts, your appliances will start to function perfectly as if nothing was ever wrong with it. You must learn practical skills of maintaining your home appliances as this will help you greatly in repairing as well as re-assembling your home appliances on your own and thus saving huge chunk of money on hiring qualified technician for the job. To make things a lot easier for modern consumer, today, Maytag appliance spares are readily available online as well, so you just no longer have to drive to your nearest supplier of Maytag spares!

You can conveniently shop for the required spare parts online and also avail discounted prices at the same time! While shopping for any such product online you must keep a few things in mind. For instance, there are several websites that sell these products, but in order to get a fair deal; you must only opt for reputable online suppliers. To make things more organized and easy, it is also greatly advisable to keep a list of all the reliable online suppliers ready. Comparing and reviewing the available offers on all selected websites before making a purchase is also a must for you. Once you have selected the website that offers the best value for your money, you must carefully place your order online. Within just a few days, the ordered spare parts will be delivered at your given address, so that you can fix your appliances within just no time!

Appliance Repair Help

appliance repair guy

I’ve seen a lot of sites promising appliance repair help… some deliver and some don’t and there are many inbetween. Really it all boils down to what you specifically need help with and it’s impossible for any web site to cover all the bases. In fact, it’s a full time job really! Our email and phone support only goes so far (we’re trained to find the correct parts not do the actual repair). That’s why A-1 looked for professional help in this area.

In the beginning (way back in 1997) we worked with a pretty slick guy named Don Vonderburg who gave us some basic tools to plug into the site. This seemed to work ok… but the bar was very low at the time. Today we are sponsering online repair manuals written by Doug Emley- the Cheap & Easy Repair series. Hard to beat that name huh? Cheap and easy! We also host a forum moderated by a very sharp repair tech in Canada (props to Jeff from!).

Of course, we also sell repair manuals… so why try and get this information out for free? Because we believe when people are empowered with the knowledge to do their own appliance repairs we all win! We don’t think refrigerators are “disposable”… in fact, we don’t even think microwaves should be thrown out just because the handle broke!

In the future we hope to add more appliance repair help pages (maybe even videos). For now, here’s what we’ve got to offer:

You know, for me the biggest hurdle to overcome on my way to attempting a repair is self doubt. Many times I feel like I don’t know what I’m doing (and many times I’m right) but once I pick up that screwdriver and dig in my fears just dissolve away… um, sometimes they dissolve away into things like anger and frustration… but most often I end up very satisfied and happy to know I just saved us sooo much money!

Oh, here’s something to remember- make sure the appliance you’re working on is unplugged. If you can’t get to the plug (like with a built in oven), shut off the breaker first. I know that reads like a dumb tip but it’s not.

Good luck with your appliance repairs. Figure out how much money you saved and put it away for a well deserved vacation!