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Tag Archive for wr60x10020

GE Refrigerator Fan Motor Madness

GE had a DC motor that moved air in the fresh food section of the refrigerator and it turned into a problem… The original motor numbers were WR60X26866 and WR60X26033.  These little motors looked just like computer fans and to replace them, GE was subbing to a kit that included new software for the board (kit WR49X25197).  This was a complicated procedure for some customers and it brought about some frustration.


We were able to get our hands on some original WR60X26866 motors. These plug right in and don’t require any software update.  They are also less expensive than the kit.

But the subbing doesn’t end there.  Now GE has a motor they say will replace all these other motors (including the kit) and it’s plug & play.  New motor WR60X29099 is all you will need to get that refrigerator air moving and keep everything fresh.

Is this the end of the subbing?  Where did the mysterious software update go and what did it do? I’m not sure.  But I do know the WR60X29099 is more reasonably priced than some of the previous solutions so that’s good.

GE Refrigerator Bulletin

This applies to 16, 17, and 18 Cu. Ft. refrigerators built by GE (TMNF Models) with a serial number beggining with 7 or 8. Yes, it’s pretty specific… and really I can make it more simple- if your refrigerator came with condenser fan (the fan under the refrigerator) number WR60X10168 then this might interest you.

A lot of customers complained that the condenser fan motor was too loud on these refrigerators. GE came up with the following solution:

In those instances where a consumer perceives the normal condenser fan noise as too loud or objectionable, replace the original WR60X10168 condenser fan motor with the slower RPM WR60X10020 fan motor.

This slower RPM motor greatly reduces fan noise without adversely affecting performance.

Inspect the fan blade and mounting grommets for any abnormalities and replace if necessary. Ensure the blade spins freely without touching the fan shroud and that all brackets are tightened.

This bulletin is specific to refrigerators whose third serial number character is either a 7 or 8 (for example: GH7368754).

GE Service Bulletin

WR60X10020 Fan Motor To order the new WR60X10020 fan motor, click here.